четверг, 3 сентября 2015 г.

Long time no see...


Sorry, I have abandoned blogging here for quite a long while.

My life this year was so full of different events, relocations, new encounters, travels, etc., so I could say that I was quite busy. Ehhh, that actually sounds like a reason for blogging even more actively than before :). Well, since I have an Instagram and Facebook accounts and I do share my news with friends and followers there, it could explain why I didn't feel a need for blogging for a while.

But recently I read a couple of interesting blogs and it made me realise that posting pictures with short comments (or no comments at all) on Instagram or Facebook isn't the same as having a blog. It's a different format, and I do regret now that I haven't been keeping a diary of what was happening in my life in a blog, where I wasn't limited to writing just a couple of lines. Another good thing about it is that you can scroll down your posts and kinda "rewind" your life, and reflect on different things that happened and how it transformed you...

I don't think that this blog is going to have many readers. This is not my intention. I am willing to share it with few friends and if someone else reads it and finds it interesting, they are welcome :).

I will try to make regular entries to this blog from now on, maybe even try to make some posts as if I did it at the time when it happened.

I think I am having quite an interesting time in my life now. I live in Paris! Can it be better? :)
Well, this could be the last two months of my Parisian life, or maybe not, who knows.
We will see...

Your Z

P.S.: Just a couple of photos - my morning view and coffee with canelés :).

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