четверг, 10 сентября 2015 г.

Japanese anime and sake degustation

On Tuesday we went to see this beautiful Japanese anime. It was in Japanese with French subtitles, quite a challenge for me poor French :).

And on Wednesday we went to some Japanese event - degustation of sake and presentation of lacquered wooden boxes called "Tundabun". They are hand-made by some craftsmen in Okinawa and cost about 2000 -2500 euro.

Beautiful kimono

Different tundabuns.

They gave us some questionnaires about these tundabuns, that we were asked to fill in, with questions like "What os your favourite one among the ones that are on display?", "What motives or decor would you chose if you were doing your own tundabun", etc.

Cute purses :)

After that we went to a Japanese restaurant. We were passing through some quarters with a lot of high-end shops, like Chanel, Pierre Cardin or La Perla, but this "watch-man" caught my eye even more.

I ordered some rice with shrimps and vegetables.

I forgot the name of those balls, but they were tasty :).

The restaurant's location.

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