суббота, 5 сентября 2015 г.

Les Catacombes

Yesterday I went with girls to the catacombs. Me and Ayoka were going there since we came to Paris, so we finally did. We had to queue for an hour to get there. When we finally did we there were some spiral stairs to go down and then we had to walk along long tunnels until we reached the place with bones and skulls. We got to see plenty of them...

Sometimes the bones and skulls were arranged in some kind of order to form a certain shape, like a crucifix or a barrel-like column.
There were few wardens, sitting or walking among those piles of bones. What a boring and depressive job they have... 

We felt so relieved and happy when we finally got out to the fresh air and bright day light! And hungry... So we had some Chinese food nearby.

Being among the dead apparently didn't affect our appetites. Well, mine is hardly affected by anything, it's always there :).

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