четверг, 10 сентября 2015 г.

Back to school (Luxembourg garden)

On Monday I went to school again, after the summer break in August.

I passed through the quarters where I haven't been all summer and felt a bit nostalgic.

This is a metro stop that I used every day when I lived in the 15th.

And this is the part of the Luxembourg garden that I used to pass on the way to or from the school.

They even have some bee-hives there :).

When I saw this gorgeous building, I felt even more nostalgic... especially since there is very little time left till we have to "leave these walls", as I would have said in Russian.

On Wednesday I got off at Saint-Placide next to the "Thevenine" patisserie where I bought my birthday cake. I didn't know that it even won some prize, but their cakes and other pastries are really tasty :).

I want to try that green macaronnade cake next time :).

I bout at Fran-Prix my favorite Tropicana juice with pulp and a croissant with almonds at another patisserie on the way to school and since I had some extra time, I made myself comfortable in a chair and enjoyed my delicious breakfast looking at this sculpture...

 They grow apples in the Luxembourg garden. I wonder what whether the apples grown in the city polluted by a lot of cars are even edible?

On Thursday we didn't have classes, but our French teacher suggested to meet and practice speaking with her. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, and had plenty of time after it before we were supposed to meet with the teacher. I walked through the Latin quarter, where I bought a galette with cheese and champignons, then came to the Luxembourg garden. The weather was very nice and people in the park were enjoying probably one of the very last sunny and warm days...

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