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Florida, December 2013-January 2014 (Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton,Everglades, Fort Meyers)

I had a wonderful trip to Florida at the very end of 2013.

The weather wasn't as warm, but still much warmer than in cold Astana :).

That's me in front of our hotel in Fort Lauderdale, our first stop.

Looking at the map and trying to figure out where are we heading :).

At the 2014 New Year party

Music was good :)

Yummy breakfast :)

One thing that surprised me in Florida was how much wildlife you can see just out of a car window...

Boca Raton, quite a posh area

Dinner at Hard Rock Hotel

My Instagram pic to show the difference in weather between Astana and Florida :)

Having breakfast at this terrace was nice...

Passing through some Indian tribe area

We saw alligators! Just along the road, on the other side of a canal. This one looked like it can be fast enough to cross the small canal, so we hurried back to the car :).

Beautiful rainbow

Sunset and pelican

The view from our hotel at Fort Meyers

Sushi time :)

Did some good shopping at Tommi Hilfiger :)

Had a nice dinner here...

and then went to see this movie

We passed some little zoo and I could even hold a small alligator on in my arms :)

That's how bug they get. Then their teeth don't grow anymore and they starve to death...
Poor gators :(

This tiger looks sad ...

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